Memorial Gift

When a loved one passes away, many families and friends wish to create a lasting legacy in honor of his or her life. A memorial fund is a meaningful way to honor and remember someone special. Your gift reflects your desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as your honoree has done for you.

What is it?

A memorial gift offers concerns or sorrow in remembrance of a special person, people, places, or things. Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc is a legally registered 501(c)(3) organization for donors to honor, acknowledge, or offer concerns and condolences for a friend, relative, or special business associate.

Why have a Memorial Fund?

The main purpose of a memorial fund is to provide donors with memorial opportunities. Many people appreciate – and even expect – such opportunities to express their feelings toward others. Supporters can play an important role in providing opportunities in our community.

The program is not intended to raise funds for foundation purposes or to act as substitutes for annual campaigns and other fund-raising programs. They are intended to provide a service to others and to let people know that someone cares. The Memorials are given for very special reasons; accordingly, they will be dispersed by the foundation as directed.

Where does the money go?

The Families are asked to participate in the decision of how the funds are used. Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation director and board will help pave the way for desired projects, and will appropriate the use and purpose of memorial gifts to the appropriate Department or Equipment Purchase, etc. However, you may elect to place these gifts in their endowment fund. This way, the gifts will generate perpetual income in the support of the Trego Hospital Foundation, Inc’s mission for continued support and growth in the health care fields in Trego County. Most donors greatly appreciate the chance to honor or memorialize others in a way that lasts for generations. For this reason, all materials for the memorial program should describe the use and purpose of the gifts.

While death is a part of life, it’s always difficult to lose those we love. One way to help is through recognizing and remembering our loved ones through memorial funds. Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation is privileged to offer a meaningful way to honor those special individuals who have passed away but live on in our hearts forever.

Please contact us if you would like to establish a memorial fund in remembrance of someone important in your life.