Workplace Giving Program

Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to give to charities of their choice through payroll deduction. These companies allow employees to deduct a one time or recurring gift from their paycheck. Talk to your Human Resources Department to determine if your employer offers a Workplace Giving Program.

If your company is looking to attract top talent, you’ve undoubtedly turned towards putting together an attractive benefits package. One of the benefits which employees now expect from their employers is an effective, contemporary workplace giving program. Corporate philanthropy initiatives, particularly those that focus on local charities and volunteer organizations, have consistently proven to be incredibly valuable, both to employee satisfaction and employee retention. In fact, many studies have shown that employees are more motivated to perform better when their employers made donations on their behalf to a nonprofit of their choice. Doing good helps employees feel good about where they work!

55% of workers surveyed would choose to work for a socially responsible company even if the salary was less.

More than ever, charity-minded employees are looking for more ways to give back to nonprofits of their choice – particularly if it’s as easy as simply getting a pre-authorized portion deducted from their paycheck every month. So if your company doesn’t yet offer a giving program, the holidays are an excellent time to start. And if you do have an existing workplace giving program, the holidays are the best time to really let it shine.

Worried that it might be a hassle to set up something like payroll giving? Contact us for help! We make it super easy for you and your employees to donate.

Also, please consider implementing corporate gift matching, where your company pledges to match the donations of your employees. This can build even higher corporate morale and lead to more employees taking advantage of payroll giving. Creating this level of good faith in an employer can be key to good employee retention, which is crucial to building satisfaction in the workplace – and preventing high turnover.

Some businesses extend their support beyond Workplace Giving. These businesses make significant donations towards specific equipment and projects, which reinforces organisational values and helps embed a community culture within the workplace. We’d be delighted to discuss your ideas and help you and your employees support a project that fits your goals.

Benefits of Workplace Giving