long term care residents in wheelchairs watching tv

Your Gifts Make a Difference

Recently, the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc. provided new furniture and televisions for the shared living spaces at the Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital Long Term Care. We received a note of gratitude from the Director of Nursing:

The residents at long term care wanted to share some pictures with you of them enjoying the new furniture and TV’s that Endowment purchased. Adding a TV to the sunroom has been so beneficial in many ways. The sunroom is often a more quiet therapeutic environment for the residents to be while enjoying music or a therapeutic channel with animals or ocean sounds. One resident was even able to use the smart TV capabilities and sit on the sofa to watch an loved ones funeral on the TV. On most Thursdays, we do footcare in the sunroom and use the TV in the background to watch something fun such as game shows or music videos. The living room TV is used every single day by residents and the convenience of having movies are their fingertips has been a huge asset to them and the facility. The patio furniture set in the sitting area makes the space look beautiful. This is a popular gathering place for residents waiting to get into the shower as well as in the afternoons. Residents sit on the sofa to visit with each other, read the paper, or talk to the bird. We at LTC would like to send a huge THANK YOU to hospital Endowment!

These life-changing gifts are only possible with the support of all our donors and volunteers. Thank you for all that you do.

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