Nominations open for 2022 Wish List

Whether it is a unique wish you have or just a thought, you can help change lives.

We envision a world in which society embraces aging and the inherent wisdom that accompanies it, where seniors are celebrated for their accomplishments and sacrifices, and where intergenerational connections are part of our daily lives. You and I are left wondering…what do they need, and how can I help?

What is the Impact of Granting a Wish?

Wishes are an important part of any health care journey. Wishes can help someone feel better and give them the hope and strength they need to fight a critical illness. Health professionals use a wish as part of their treatment plan. Wish List can help your providers and the staff to better perform their jobs, when we share pride in our community, and what we are doing, it shows. Through donations and memorials, high-priority equipment will continue to change lives.

A very special Thank You to our healthcare providers!
Providers, staff, and behind the scene support are appreciated.

Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc.’s Wish List provides the opportunity for YOU, the local community, patients, health staff and businesses to rally together to support Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital and Trego County Health Care needs. Whether you are a frontline worker, provider, nurse, patient, friend, or supporter, we want to help make a wish come true. Many times you have the opportunity to see that it sure would be nice if our health care had a particular item/piece of equipment. Please take this opportunity to make your wish known.

Send your Wish List by 1 November, 2022 to:

Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc.
236 N. 6th St WaKeeney, KS 67672

Be sure to include:


*Note: Department Heads will supply current quote from “TCLMH Purchasing Dept” attached to this Wish List. Endowment representative will work with purchasing for ALL other Wish List submissions.

Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation accepts, considers and purchases equipment requested throughout the year. (General “Equipment Request” forms are accepted throughout the year, and are approved by administration.)

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