THEF Provides New Treadmill

Donor funds enhance patient experiences and services at TCLMH

Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation board members approved the purchases of several pieces of equipment for TCLMH.
The purchase of this equipment is made possible by generous donations from individuals, businesses, and trust contributions to the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation. This is a wonderful opportunity to honor our promise to donors, patients, staff, and the community that provides support to the Endowment Foundation, as these funds help to equip and provide support so the hospital can continue to meet the needs of the families of Trego County.
The donations will provide the funding for approved purchase of several pieces of equipment throughout the hospital, including:
Cardiac Rehab – AC5000 Treadmill
Radiology – Dexa scan (Bone Densitometry Machine)
LTC – Patient Lift
Acute – Installation cost of installing Call Light System
And several other items, bringing total expenditure to more than $60,000.00.
The purchase of needed or upgraded equipment to support several areas of patient care & services puts our community in the position to provide our medical team with the tools to serve our patients’ needs. Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc is very grateful for the generosity of our donors, and the leadership of our foundation board members for contributing the means, to continue providing support.

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