We believe everyone deserves the best care possible, but many seniors and their families struggle to pay for the high cost of care and assisted living when living at home is no longer an option. We rely partially on the generosity of our community so we can continue to offer top quality services and care to seniors.

The Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital Long Term Care offers a neighborhood approach to residential living for our local seniors who require assistance or supervised medical care. While the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation is legally separate from the hospital and is governed by a board of trustees, we support this mission by raising funds for medical equipment and projects to enhance the quality of life for our community members residing in long term care. With federal, state, and county budgets under tight restraints and the cost of medical equipment continuing to rise, our generous donors have ensured that we can provide for these essential purchases that would otherwise not be feasible.

Long Term Care Campaign

Many people living in nursing homes often feel like something is missing. Maybe they are always playing the same games. Maybe there is a hobby they once loved that they are missing now. Maybe they’re tired of always eating the same thing. Sometimes they feel like they are separate and forgotten from society–and unfortunately, nursing homes are not the first place people would think of donating to. Donating even $10 or one item to a nursing home is an opportunity to brighten dozens of people’s days.

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