We are thankful for all of our medical providers

Invest in Local Health Care, Invest in the Future of Trego County

The reality of hospital care in small town America is very different from the well-stocked, well-staffed flashy urban medical centers on TV. We have the same struggles – every emergency that happens in the big city, happens here – with the added challenges of limited funding, limited equipment, limited personnel, and unlimited unique characteristics of our population. This means every caregiver in our medical network must wear multiple hats and must often come up with creative solutions to deal with the health care needs of our community – whether it’s responding to a farm emergency, treating a child’s ongoing illness, or softening the natural consequences of old age – all within the minimal operating margins of a rural facility.

In a time when many rural towns across Kansas are facing a growing lack of critical care access due to local hospital closures and medical workforce shortages, it is more important than ever to ensure our community healthcare network not only survives, but thrives. For 30 years the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation has supported a focused and strategic approach to improving the health of the community we live and work in. We are incredibly grateful to every single caregiver who shares our commitment to providing high-quality care close to home. These dedicated professionals, many of whom are volunteers, work tirelessly and under intense pressure to take care of us in our most vulnerable moments.

We are honored to work alongside these local healthcare heroes to continue improving the quality of care and ease of access in our community. This partnership enables us to systematically identify significant needs that have not been adequately met due to financial, geographic or cultural barriers. In the past year, we’ve supplied acute care equipment, respiratory care technology and training, emergency room and hospital supplies, and more. With the strength and ingenuity of our dedicated local medical professionals and your continued support, together we will build strong, lasting rural health care programs that might even put those big city centers to shame.

We also want to make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. We’ve partnered with the Vial of Life program, which makes vital health information available to emergency responders in the event of a medical emergency. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment. To get your vial and medical information sheet, stop by our office at 236 N. 6th St., WaKeeney, KS  67672, call 785-743-2070, or visit our website at tregohospitalfoundation.org.

Because every minute counts, you can ensure our local healthcare heroes have everything they need to respond to any emergency by donating to the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation today. We invite you to “Give Your Way” to a project or choose to “Use as Needed” to fund a TCLMH equipment request. Your donation helps us purchase modern medical equipment and provide critical services that would otherwise not fit within the ever-tightening budget of a rural, non-profit hospital.

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